Topics of Interest

Track I.: Energy Access Solutions Track II.: Resilient Energy Infrastructure
§  AC & DC Nano, Micro and Mini Grids

§  Flexible and Expandable Systems

§  Dynamic Source and Load Balancing

§  PV/Storage/Grid Power Converters

§  Decentralized Architecture

§  Power/Energy Constrained Systems

§  Dynamic Pricing in Distributed Grids

§  Modular Stackable Converters

§  Communications in Energy Access

§  Pay/Go and Mobile Payments

§  Defining & Measuring Grid Resiliency

§  Rapid Build of Electricity Infrastructure

§  Operating Decentralized Systems

§  Autonomous Islanding & Reconnection

§  Emergency & Normal Mode Operation

§  Emergency Mode Services

§  Rapid Restoration of Emergency Services

§  Role of DER and Nano/Micro-Grids in Resilient Systems

§  Distributed Devices for Emergency Services